Mixer repairs

Pro Audio Service can repair and service certain brands of digital and analog mixing desks / recording consoles. Please ring for details about servicing your console.

We accept mixers (flight cased) and compact desks by pickup service local only to our address or dropped of ( not courier )

Typical Service of mixing desks include

  • Strip down board
  • Clean pot and faders, regrease or repalce as necessary
  • Clean fans and filters
  • Check PSU voltages are in tolerance
  • Tighten all connectors and reseat ribbon cables
  • Check inputs and Outputs for channels and subgroups
  • Clean all input connectors
  • Clean all inserts, group outs and matrix
  • Replace missing or defective lamps.
  • General clean of surface of desk.

If there are any other electronic faults we will notify you and quote for the repair of these problems. We can rebuild , repair or replace switch mode power supplies for most mixers.


Prices : Mixing desk service are based on £35 per hour. Typical large console will take from 8 hours to 14 hours for basic service and clean inc lamps and connection faults. Please list all faults prior to service so that we can quote for these also.

16 channels 6-8 hours
24 channels approx 8-10 hours
32 channels approx 10-12 hours
40 Channels approx 12-14 hours
Smaller desks 4 hours plus parts.
Above based on 8 subgroups.


Very old consoles may need more time / parts due to intermittent problems due to age, tarnishing of contacts etc. If you are unsure about faults we will take delivery and check the desk for operation and quote for all problems found outside of standard service procedures. To check and provide a report on the desk is £55.