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ORANGE DIVO OV4 Including installation


Never again pay a tech to rebias your amps power valves. DIVO OV4 featuring TubeSync technology makes that possible.

DIVO (dee vo) OV4 automatically adjusts the bias of your power valves to ensure their full potential is realised. It monitors your amps performance and isolates faulty valves during failures, running at half power until the valves can be changed. Experiment with different valves [tubes] in each socket without modifying the amp. DIVO even increases the lifespan of your power valves! Don’t go dead on stage ever again DIVO makes that possible. Visit for more information.

Built into an aluminium case about the size of a small paperback, the OV4 module comes with both a bracket and strong industrial Velcro fixings

Once set, the OV4 continually micro-adjusts the bias current for each individual valve, keeping the amp running at peak efficiency. It also means that you can run any combination of standard octal power valve you like, although pairs, such as 6L6s and EL34s are more useful.

With no audio present, the OV4 can automatically drop the bias current to a lower setting to reduce wear and tear, instantly returning to its higher level when audio is detected.

In the event of a valve fault, an algorithm shuts off the affected pair automatically and remembers which valves are at fault, displaying them on warning LEDs, as well as in the software, while also keeping a record of how many hours use the amp has had, both with and without audio.

The jack socket connects to a standard footswitch letting you switch the amp from full power (all four valves on) to half power, moreover the ‘share the wear’ function remembers which pair of valves were switched off the last time and alternates them, keeping wear as even as possible, although if you use two different pairs of valves, such as 6L6s and EL34s, you can use this as a tone option, swapping from one pair to the other.

The DIVO OV4 is also available for amplifiers with only 2 valves.


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