Public Address Systems ( or tanoy systems ) enable effective communication throughout buildings. PA broadcast systems can be installed so that sound can evenly be distributed or focussed on an individual area in a building, shop, factory or office. Pro Audio Service can supply and install a system to suit your requirements.

Music and Sound Systems

Music can be fed to any area or zone within a building. You can specify multizone systems ( where each zone receives different music ) or single zone systems. Announcements can be made over these systems via staff to provide an all in one solution. Background music can be fed in to all systems to create an ambience to suit your situation. Installations use flat panel and low profile speakers to reinforce the sound causing the minimum of disruption to the decoration.

anouncement mic

Music and announcements can be fed to many speakers situated throughout the building via 100v line amlifiers designed to give clear audio over long cable runs. We can supply internal and external speaker systems to suit the environment ranges from factorys to offices.We can specify the type of power amplifiers and speakers to suit your location. Installation is done with the minimum of disruption to work whenever possible.

Portable PA systems

Portable PA ( public Address ) or tanoy system for outdoor use, from amplification of anouncements on sports and playing fields to sound systems for bands and entertainment. systems for school events that can be taken from classroom to outdoor events can be supplied with integral radio mics and mp3 players.