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18″ High Power Sub Woofer Driver 1500 M3 – 8 Ohm 1500w RMS AES 6000W Short Peak

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Sub Woofer High Power Speaker Driver – Royal Turbomax RMJ 1500 I M3 18″  provides the same sound and response as the legendary 1200I but on the new improved chassis

  • Power handling 1500 Watts AES – 6000 watts short peak
  • New improved suspension to reduce distortion at extreme excursions
  • New Voice coil cooling system vastly reducing power compression.
  • New larger outer suspension giving even greater excursion and even deeper frequency response.
  • New heavy duty die-cast Aluminium chassis
  • Front and rear pre-formed gaskets now fitted as standard
  • Royal Permaflex outer suspension.

FS 28.58Hz

Impedence 8 Ohm

Power Handling 1500w RMS / 6000W AES short Peak


Thiele Small Parameters

MODEL 1500
Fs 28.5864Hz
Re 4.8000
Qms 4.412
Qes 0.2183
Qts 0.2080
SPL 97.8
Cms 0.0977
BL 35.3893
L 1kHz 5.7350
L 10kHz 2.0535
VAS 184.9484
Xmax 12.75