If you are ordering from outside the UK you will be charged import charges by your countries customs department. These charges are collected by the courier company when the goods arrive in your country on behalf of your government. You are responsible for paying all import charges that your country may impose including any admin fee that the couriers charge to collect these taxes ( admin fees are approximately £15 but can be higher and import tax is normally 20-25% of the total transaction including shipping costs depending on your countries rate. It is your responsibility to be aware of these charges

Spare Parts

PLEASE NOTE – All parts sold by this website are intended for professional installation only. Parts are to be fitted by QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS. There may be Hazardous voltages present and all relevant safety precautions MUST be observed when handling and fitting. All speakers , valves , tubes and bulbs are classes as ‘consumable items’ and cannot be exchanged or returned unless signed for as broken with courier on receipt before fitting.

When ordering electronic consumable parts ( Speakers, Bulbs, Tubes , Valves ) all voltages must be checked before fitting the new part to avoid damage to the new parts. Parts damaged by faulty equipment cannot be returned. Where parts are ordered incorrectly there will be a 15% restocking fee charged on any refund. Parts must be returned in original packaging. Postage outside of the UK will not be refunded. Customs duties and charges are the responsibility of the importer ( customer ) and all items will be marked in a commercial invoice where necessary at the webshop price plus shipping cost. Pro Audio Service Ltd are not liable for any customs delays or local administration charges imposed on the customer due to importing. Please make sure that before you purchase you can import the goods into your country.

Any returns from outside the UK must be marked with “RETURN OF GOODS- NO DUTY PAYABLE” and proof of purchase placed inside the parcel.

All electronic parts are pre-tested and are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged after being fitted by third party.

Your statutory rights are not affected

Delivery Times are dependent on the Royal Mail or Couriers. We do not guarantee any delivery time but do our best to ship orders out promptly. If you have a deadline for delivery please call first to discuss this before ordering.

Repairs to Equipment

All Customers’ equipment whilst on the premises is left at the owners risk and should be covered by the owners own insurance.

Bench Charge

Incoming repairs incur a pre-paid non-returnable £40 plus VAT bench charge. This is the cost of stripping down, or examination, or testing , or biasing. The equipment can then be collected, or a repair can be carried out. In some cases a deposit may be needed.


Electronic repairs are charged at £40 per hour plus parts ( ex vat )

Special order parts may incur additional postage costs

Turnaround times

We strive to repair your equipment within 7-10 days. If there are delays due to parts this may be longer and you will be informed. We are not liable for any losses incurred as a result of delays in repairs.

After Repair

We contact the customer when the equipment is ready to be collected.

Customers are expected to collect the repair within 2 weeks or pay for the repair to be shipped.


A repair uncollected after two weeks after repair is completed is then considered as being stored. Storage costs are £10.00 per week.

Uncollected repairs

If the repair is not collected after 60 Days , the equipment is considered abandoned and will be disposed off to offset costs. If you are not able to collect then you will be required to inform us and we may be able to store the equipment.

Information on process of repairs

Fault finding process involves removal of components and testing. In some cases the board will be deemed unviable to repair if after changing of components and parts does not rectify the fault within a reasonable time frame. In most cases when a unit is deemed unviable ( either to repair at component level or parts are not available we will waive the bench charge and return the unit.

Your statutory rights are not affected

Postage Charges

Goods returned – in the case of incorrectly ordered goods, postage charges are not covered, however in the event we have provided the wrong item or a faulty item we will cover the cost of return postage. There will be a 15% restocking charge for items returned not in original packaging.

Pro Audio Service Warranty
We warranty all our repairs for a period of 3 months from repair date.  
Returns must be brought back to us within 3 months from the repair date, we may refuse a repair if it was reported within the 3 month window, and brought to us after the 3 month period.
Claims must be made by contacting us with your name , repair number and your contact details.
The Warranty will cover the labour time against the original fault reported and the actual repair carried out.  
Materials used will be at the discretion of the repairer and may or may not be covered.  
Items such as Valves , bulbs and loudspeakers – we are unable to offer warranty on as they are classed as consumable items and can be easily damaged through misuse.
Amplifiers serviced are excluded from warranty, If equipment is repaired it does not automatically have a blanket cover warranty on any fault not associated with the original reported and discovered fault.
If the original fault reappears within the warranty period and causes further damage we will only warrant the repaired part.  Further damage will be charged at standard workshop rates.
EXCLUSIONS of warranty
Items brought to us with symptoms of intermittent behaviour or when tested we’re unable to find a fault or replicate the issue experienced the warranty will only apply to any parts used. We will continue to charge by the hour in investigate further until the fault shows and is repaired.
We’re unable to offer warranty to any speaker cones/ drivers or Valves once fitted as we’re unable to verify that they are being used correctly and can easily be damaged.

Liability : We are not liable for any consequential losses arising from repairs , delays on parts, courier , damage or delays , transport costs or any losses otherwise incurred throughout and after the repair of your equpment.