What Type of Amplifiers do we fix?

All types of amplifier but specialise in PA, Guitar, Bass and Power amps. However we do repair Hi Fi amps. We are as happy repairing a valve amp as a modern class d switch mode amp. As long as we can source the parts we can repair the unit.

What is the most common fault?

Commonly the output devices have blown, often short circuit in power amps. These may be bipolar transistors or mosfets or increasingly chip amplifiers. Next to this we have power supply faults ( capacitors and transformers thyristors ) and then bad connections ( jacks, XLR , outputs etc. ) Intermittent faults with bad connections can often take time to fix but with heating and cooling we can usually get to the bottom of the problem.

Why does the fuse in my amplifier blow?

The fuse in the amplifier will blow if there is too much current being drawn. This is usually caused by a fault. Do Not increase the fuse size just to see if it still blows. This will result in even more damage. Sometimes the wrong fuse is put in ( slow blow / fast blow ) but more often than not there is a short circuit somewhere. This can normally be repaired.

How long does it take?

Generally the turn around is 1 -2 weeks including tracing the fault, locating parts and ordering, fitting and testing. We can sometimes turn around a repair in a few days if the parts are delivered next day or are in stock.

Can all amps be repaired?

Probably all amps can be fixed, but we need to draw the line at spending more than the cost of the amp. The cost of parts varies from a few pence to up to tens of pounds per component. Power transistors may be £8 -12 each but in the event that you need to replace more than a couple then the cost will rise. The good news is that we can tell you the price to repair the unit included in our bench charge of £35. For £35 we open up the unit, trace the fault and estimate the cost. You can then decide if it is worth repairing.

Do I have to book it in for repair?

We prefer that if you are going to bring in an amplifier then we know its coming. We will give you a job ticket and rough idea of when it will be looked at. Please do not post items without letting us know its coming . telephone 01530 589320 to book it in.

How do I pay for the repair?

We accept all forms of payment from Credit Debit Card, BACS, Cheque, PO Orders, Paypal and Cash. Goods are released on receipt of cleared funds. If you have an account we will offer 30days credit on approval.

What Guarantee do I get?

We guarantee all parts fitted for 3 months excluding consumables. For tubes / Valves we offer 1 month (assuming not damaged by other faults) If you have additional problems after any repair we will endeavor to rectify these as soon as possible.

Do you use genuine parts?

Yes …When you bring in your expensive Mesa Boogie amp or Marshall stack only genuine parts from the manufacturer are used. We will match all transistors with graded devices where specified and guarantee the quality of the replacement parts. Where we cannot get genuine parts we will only use parts by major brand names.

Can I send just part of the equipment for repair?

Generally it is best to send the whole amp and speaker but if you are sure that the speaker is ok and there are not too many other aux connectors that need attaching to power the amp up then we can accept power amp modules such as HK, Wharfedale Marshall, Blackstar, powered subwoofers etc.. as we appreciate the size of the cabs may cause a problem in posting. This really only applies to powered speakers and combo amps. If you have a switch mode power supply then we may need the whole unit as often it requires the correct load and power good signals back from the amplifier to complete the boot up stage. Its best to telephone us about. It is worth noting that if you have a speaker fault it may blow the amp module up straight away again. Often a short speaker is the cause of the fault. Please check it properly first. A basic check can be made with a 9v battery to see if the cone moves but it is better to measure the dc resistance and push the cone to ensure no rubbing and wires are all ok. Then try it on a known working amp for sound.

Can I telephone for advice?

Yes certainly. I try to be informative and give a good service. However it can get busy at times so please bear this in mind. Generally no drawings can be given out as there is a non disclosure agreement with manufacturers. tel 07811879463 or email [email protected]

Do you repair Hi-Fi speakers?

Generally only studio monitors, active and passive speakers and top end hifi, however no repairs to consumer hifi speakers, headphones or ipod docks.

Do you repair DI Boxes?

Yes but often the cheaper ones are nonviable. Generally the cost is between 10 and 40 pounds but we can confirm the price after receipt of the DI Box. Common faults are switches , sockets and broken connectors on the PCB due to the amount of use.

Do you repair sound cards?

Yes, but only the audio side. If you have USB, Firewire or interface problems then this cannot be repaired due to the time involved in setting the systems up.

I have built an amp and it doesn’t work can you fix it ?

Yes , but require schematics. Assuming the amp actually worked first time round and has failed. If it is a design fault then this can be very expensive as the hours will mount up.

I have had a go at repairing the amp and now it doesn’t work at all ?

Unfortunately we avoid repairing amps that have been disassembled by non professionals, as the time taken to work out what has been broken by the user often outweighs the normal repair time. Please do not send in amps with bags of screws and all connectors disconnected. If you have just looked inside for a blown fuse this is OK.