Aftermarket plastic diaphragm for JBL 2412, 2412H, JBL 2413 , 2413H – 1″ titanium dome

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Aftermarket JBL diaphragm , Compatible with JBL 2412, 2412H, 2412H-8, 2412-8, 2412-1, 2412H-1, 2412H-1-8, 2412-1-8, 2413, 2413H, 2413-H, 2413H-8 and Celestion UM46 drivers.

Used in JBL EON 10-G2, EON 10, EON Power 10 (Eon10P), Eon Power 15 (Eon 15P), EON 1500, JRX100, JRX125, JRX115, JRX112, MP215, MP225, Sound Factor SF12, SF15, SF25, TR125, TR126, TR225 and TR105 cabs, 125-10000-00x and 339013-001X.

Overall diameter 68mm

Titanium dome, 1″ voice coil with kapton former. 8 ohms

3 off (triangular format) screw holes on 41mm PCD
4 off (square format) screw holes on 38mm PCD
Voice coil length 3mm
Rear dome height 5mm