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Guitar Power attenuator for valve / tube amps
Make your valve / tube guitar amp “sing” at lower volumes
*Attenuator Load-Box, switchable in 4 steps
*0dB Bypass
*6.5dB power reduction
*9.5dB power reduction
*15dB power reduction
*Reduces the volume of the guitar speaker with full tube tone
*Made for 8 Ohms or 16 Ohm cabinets
*Input 6.3 mm jack
*Output for speaker 6.3mm jack
*Usable with amps to 100W

Converts 100w amplifier output to only 2.85W approx through the speaker or 50W amp output to 1.45W on 15dB setting.

What is a Power Attenuator?
Power attenuators are placed between the power amp and the speaker section of a guitar amp. A power attenuator converts some of the sound energy created by the amp into heat energy before it reaches the speaker.

The Powerloader attenuator is designed to reduce the volume of sound going to your guitar speaker whilst maintaining the amp volume at the “sweet spot” on the amp. This attenuator is for use with amplifiers of 100w or less. Tube amps have a “sweet spot” where you are just in between clean and distorted sound, however more often it is at a level that is too loud for practice, recording or even on stage. The Powerloader attenuator will reduce the volume of the sound whilst your amp sits happily producing that great sound. The extra power the amp develops is turned into heat in massive power resistors inside the unit.

The Powerloader attenuator is designed to match to 8 ohm or 16 Ohm speaker impedance depending on the model ( please check before ordering which one you require ) so that your amp will not be driving into a mismatched load. At all settings on the attenuator the amp sees the 8ohm or 16ohm speaker impedance but only a set amount of power is passed on to the speaker itself.

How should I use my Power Attenuator?
Disconnect the speaker in your amp or unplug the cab from your head.
Take a speaker cable and connect it from the speaker output on the amp rear panel to the input jack on your attenuator.
Plug your existing speaker into the speaker socket on the attenuator.
Power up your amp
Set the master volume to an appropriately loud level ( less than 100w )
Set your attenuator to the desired reduction to regulate the sound to an appropriate level.
Your Powerloader will naturally get warm through dissipation of heat . This is normal.
Note: Running your amp at full volume may reduce the life of your tubes.

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16 Ohm Impedance, 8 Ohm Impedance