Yamaha Clavinova Rubber Contact OCTAVE 12KEY P200 Part VY84670R

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Genuine Yamaha Rubber 12 Key contact for Clavinovas and stage pianos
Part number VY84670R

CLP 110,CLP 115<,CLP 120,CLP 130,CLP 150,CLP 220,CLP 320,CP 300,CP 33 CP4 STAGE,CP40 STAGE,CVP 202,CVP 203,CVP 207,CVP 209,CVP 301,CVP 303, CVP 401,CVP 501,MO8,MONTAGE 8,MOTIF 8,MOTIF ES8,MOTIF XF8,MOTIF XS8, P 120,P 140,P 200,P 250,P 255B,P 255WH,P 60,P 80,P 90,PF 1000,PF 500 S 08,S 90,S 90ES,YDP 121,YDP 123,YDP 151,YDP 160,YDP 161,YDP 223,YDP 323 YDP C71PE,YDP S51, Please ask if unsure.