Yamaha Clavinova Stopper felt L88 ( STOPPER MOTIF8 ) VU342200 / V7640101

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Replacement stopper to fit Clavinova digital pianos.

Adhesive backed felt strip 1240mm long , 27mm wide mount  (height 10mm)


CLP170 , CLP170M

CLP230 , CLP230M , CLP230PE, CLP240, CLP240C, CLP240M, CLP240PE,CLP265GP, CLP270, CLP270C,CLP270M, CLP280, CLP280C, CLP280M, CLP280PE, CLP280PM, CLP295GP,

CLP330, CLP330M, CLP330C, CLP330PE, CLP340, CLP340C, CLP340M, CLP340PE, CLP370, CLP370M, CLP370PE, CLP380PE, CLP380M,

CLP430B, CLP430C, CLP430M, CLP430PE, CLP430R, CLP440R, CLP440PE, CLP440C, CLP440B, CLP440M, CLP470PE, CLP470R, CLP480PE, CLP480R, CLP480R,

CLP810 , CLP820, CLP820S, CLP840, CLP860,

CLP920 , CLP930, CLP950


CVP103, CVP 201 , CVP203, CVP207, CVP209

CVP305, CVP305C, CVP305M, CVP307, CVP307C, CVP307M, CVP309GP, CVP309PE, CVP309PM, CVP403, CVP403C, CVP403PE, CVP403PM, CVP405, CVP405PE, CVP405PM, CVP407, CVP409GP, CVP409PE, CVP409PM,

CVP503, CVP503PE, CVP505, CVP505PE, CVP505PM, CVP509, CVP509PE, CVP509PM

 OTHER PART NUMBERS THAT IT REPLACES ARE V764010R   V7640100 V7640100  VU342200