Aftermarket 8 ohm Replacement Diaphragm for Fostex N30- Carvin- Yamaha- Peavey

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Aftermarket high quality aftermarket replacement diaphragm for Fostex, Foster, Carvin, P-Audio, Yamaha and Peavey compression drivers.

8 Ohm diaphragm is an exact fit and replacement for a range of compression drivers, including:

  • Foster/Fostex N30, 025H30, 025H27 ,H25N30, H025N, FT300H – Equivalent to 0H8179
  • P Audio PHT-404, PHT-405, PHT-406, PHT-408, PHT-410, PHT-411, PHT-412, PHT-413
  • Ampeg 86-515-08
  • Yamaha JAY68625, JAY 68625
  • Carvin 025N01D
  • Crate PE-15H, Crate PE15H, Crate PE15-H
  • Eden E2700
  • PAS H30 PH88 8017 A3 S0
  • Peavey P/N 30777060 and 70777060 for Peavey TriFlex series
  • Roland KC500, Roland KC550
  • Selenium RPDT150, DT150, RP-DT150, DT-150, DT150-OEM, RP-DT150
  • LD Systems Dave 12 Satellite Speaker
  • This diaphragm also fits the P-Audio SD-26BF compression driver, however some production of the SD-26BF driver features an aluminium diaphragm – replacing with this polyetherimide diaphragm will slightly change the tone of the driver.

Voice coil 25mm diameter
Overall diameter 45mm
Width of terminal carrier strip 24mm
Overall length 72mm
Fixing hole diameter 4mm
Distance from centre of voice coil to centre of fixing hole 34mm