power amplifierPro Audio Service are able to repair many makes of professional amplifier and power amplifier, please ask if we can repair your brand. We can diagnose and quote for the repair for most failures. We are familiar with broadcast amplifiers, public address amplifiers and PA sound systems. We use genuine graded components and will match output transistors to existing ones to ensure longivity of the repair. We will advise if there are any other issues when we open up the unit. All power amps are cleaned for dust and filters cleaned and fans checked prior to testing. We perform electrical safety tests on the units prior to dispatch.

We do not repair consumer Hifi equipment , surround systems, sound bars.

Typical Faults

Normally if a channel has gone down then its the output transistors. Failure of one device can often lead to other failures in the amp, and because of the high voltages and power used it is common to see burnt areas on the board. These can be repaired in many cases but sometimes the board will be unviable. In this case we will offer a replacement board.

service of power ampIt is very common for us to open up a power amp from a venue and find levels of dust that are preventing the efficient cooling of the unit. Consequently the fan fails and the amp over heats. This can be prevented by annual cleaning and checking of filters. It takes around an hour to clean an amp in this state. This would have to be done prior to the repair.